Why We Should Leave Cody Parkey Alone

The city of Chicago, the football world, and social media had a field day at the expense of Cody Parkey this past Sunday. Some of the comments and memes were funny, some were a bit cruel, and others were downright disturbing. Seeing grown men react like this to a football game speaks volumes about who they are and what areas of their lives they need to work on. I’m no psychiatrist, so I’ll leave that to more qualified people.

The Chicago Bears lost this game for reasons that go beyond a tipped kick, the result of which was out of Parkey’s hands…….or feet. There are a lot of football fans that look at kickers as though they aren’t really football players. Those same people, at times, find themselves relying on kickers to take their team to the promised land. In no other aspect of life is the line between hero and scapegoat thinner than what these NFL kickers face from week to week. Cody Parkey is a good kicker who had a mediocre season and then found himself on the wrong end of a city full of anger. Tipped kick aside, Bears fans needed to channel their anger somewhere, and Cody Parkey was the obvious target.

Let’s talk about the ways that Chicago lost this game. The passing game was anemic for most of the game. Outside of Allen Robinson, no other receiver was able to get anything done. Trubisky threw for 300 yards, but Robinson had almost half of those yards. The running game was throttled all day by the Philadelphia defense. So here’s my question; if your team is struggling offensively, why on God’s green earth is your most explosive player only touching the ball 4 times on offense? Tarik Cohen is a playmaker. He’s exciting, explosive, he can win games for you. He carried the ball 1 time and had 3 catches. That’s more indicative of the tally in the loss column than a missed kick. The play calling was horrible and, by association, so was the overall coaching effort.

On the other side of the ball, we get Big Dick Nick taking the field and tossing his sausage around like he owns the game. Sure, he had 2 interceptions, but he made plays when he needed to. The magic that is Nick Foles is taking the NFL by storm once again. This top ranked defense of the Chicago Bears couldn’t keep Foles and the Eagles from beating them. It’s really that simple.

There are too many other places to point fingers than at Cody Parkey. Bears fans need a scapegoat, they need some place to direct their anger. Look a little higher than the kicker. Ask the coaching staff why Cohen wasn’t a bigger part of the offense. Ask why halftime adjustments either didn’t happen or didn’t work. Ask why a backup QB was able to beat you at home in the playoffs. Just leave the damned kicker alone.

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