I Hear The Refs Missed A Call

New Orleans Saints fans are livid this morning. The NFL refs, in typical fashion, missed a pass interference call at a crucial point in the game. Saints fans want answers, they want disciplinary action. And they want it now. Did it cost them the game? Well, if you’re only looking at that play, you could make that argument. This game was horribly officiated long before that no-call though.

No game has ever been perfectly officiated in any sport. Human error plays a part in every facet of the game. Yesterday’s game between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams is no exception. If we’re being honest, the game should have been won in regulation by the Rams. The refs missed a very obvious face mask on Jared Goff. They had to settle for a field goal that sent the game into overtime. If they make that call, the Rams get the ball on the 1 or 2 yard line, first and goal. We all know there’s about a 98% chance that CJ Anderson punches that in.

By my recollection, there were roughly 6 or 7 bad calls in this game. I can only recall 2 that actually benefited the Rams. I saw a questionable late hit out of bounds with no flag, a hold with no flag that resulted in the Rams having to punt, and a few other missed calls, on both sides, that had me shaking my head. So yeah, if you take that no-call PI and look at that play, and only that play, I can see your point. However, if you’re going to apply the theory of isolationism in a feeble effort to placate your own agenda, then you’ll only look the fool. The game was horribly officiated from start to finish. It’s a brutal way to end the season for the Saints and their fans, but it’s Monday morning now and we need to let it go.

How the NFL handles this is going to be interesting. I’ve seen some extremely ridiculous opinions on social media that make me question the sanity of some fans. People calling for boycotts, lawsuits, etc. Even Clay Travis, he of the #DBAP hashtag, is doing the exact opposite of that which he promotes. Again, it was a horrible no-call, but the NFL isn’t responsible for the money you lost on a game. Suck it up and move on.

Here’s the positive takeaway from yesterday’s games; we got to see 2 fantastic games. Both games go to overtime on Championship Sunday. What more can you ask for? In the end, 1 of 32 teams stands tall. This results in 31 fan bases left with a void. For a league that a lot of people said was dying, the play on the field is keeping it alive. As a matter of fact, it’s thriving for that exact reason. Rams and Patriots fans get to rejoice, Chiefs and Saints fans are left wondering ‘what if’.

All this talk about the officiating will slowly die down over the next 2 weeks. We can only hope that the NFL will have its’ best out there on Super Bowl Sunday. Make sure they clearly understand what targeting is, what PI is, and what a catch is. That’s all we really want as fans. A well called game with a lot of action.

Now, who’s ready for Maroon 5? No? Anyone?

Me either.

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