Super Bowl Sunday

I heard there was a football game being played today. At around 6:30 this evening, hordes of humans across the country will be tuning in to see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots take on Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams. For many, there will be money to win at stake, be it in the form of legalized gambling, bets with their bookie, or a simple office pool. Draft Kings has quite a few contests going as well. I’ll let you guys know if I win the $100K. Don’t hold your breath though.

Before the Super Bowl kicks off, we have an afternoon of sports to entertain us. The NBA has 3 games, as does the NHL. College basketball has a dozen games on their slate, with 3 of them already in action as I type this. This is seriously a glorious day of sports. Name your poison and indulge. The OKC Thunder visiting the Boston Celtics is a very intriguing matchup in the NBA. In the NHL, the Bruins head to Washington to take on the defending champions. Edmonton at Montreal should be fun to watch as well.

The Super Bowl is the cream of the crop though. Parties will be in full swing by mid afternoon, bets will be placed, squares will be filled out. For those that wish to partake, there will be countless hours of pre-game commentary and opinions, ad nauseam, to tune in to. You’ll hear reasons why each team will win and why each team will lose. You will get some feel good story, complete with sad piano music, to distract you temporarily while you eat yet another round of wings. Super Bowl Sunday is a tradition like no other. It’s essentially an indoor tailgate with family and friends.

I usually skip the pre-game brouhaha because it’s just overkill to me. I want to see football, nothing else. I don’t care who sings the National Anthem, nor who plays at halftime. At least not the artists they usually pick. Give me some Rebelution, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, or Katastro and I’ll tune in. Football, that’s all that really matters to me today. Does Brady get #6? Do the Rams pull the upset? This all unfolds in a matter of hours.

The game promises to be a good one. Gurley is reported as being 100%, so what role does CJ Anderson play? That’s one hell of a tandem if they both get ample carries. Can the Rams keep Edelman from being perpetually open? Someone needs to put a body on that guy. I’ve never seen anyone wide open as often as he is. Will Tom Brady’s mastery of the game find him hoisting the trophy one more time? There’s so much at stake today and I am absolutely stoked for it.

Some of us will win money today, others will lose. Some will have no skin in the game at all. However it is that you decide to enjoy today, I wish you the best. Although the odds are slim that I win the $100K on Draft Kings, winning squares for $1,000 a second year in a row would be nice. Enjoy the game, stuff your face, drink some beer. I’m pretty sure that’s the law for Super Bowl Sunday.

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