Super Bowl Thoughts

First off, I didn’t think it was a boring game like most people on social media did. Sure, it was low scoring, and yeah, there were a lot of punts. What I saw yesterday was 2 defenses that took their game to another level. I loved every minute of it. Smash mouth, in the trenches, no holds barred defensive football. Exactly the way the game should be played.

Another thing that stood out to me was the officiating. If you take out that first call, which was absolutely horrible, the officiating was the best I’ve seen all season. If this was a Week 9 game, there would have been 5 or 6 pass interference flags thrown, probably 3 or 4 roughing the passer calls, and possibly 1 late hit out of bounds, even though Goff wasn’t quite out of bounds yet. We all saw how ticky tack these games were called this season. Yesterday was refreshing. Yesterday was exactly what we want out of our referees. They let the players play the game and decide the outcome on the field. God bless the NFL.

It was a low scoring affair for sure. We have become so accustomed to high scoring games in this new era of football where you’re simply not allowed to play football. Cuddling someone to the ground in lieu of actually tackling them has mirrored the softness that society itself has created. How dare you hit the guy with the football in his hands. You should give him space (a safe space?) and let him establish some separation so he can score on you. Come on, man, learn the rules. This style of play has somewhat driven me away from the game at times. Yesterday gave me hope. I only hope those in charge at NFL headquarters saw what I saw. Exciting football, albeit low scoring.

The low scores don’t bother me as long as the quality of play is high. Give me a shut down defense over run and gun backyard football any day. Jared Goff was taken out of his game by a mastermind head coach. Tom Brady, the best ever (admit it), was essentially shut down for over 3 quarters. This game was fought in the trenches, it was won in the trenches. I personally loved every single minute.

When I say I loved every minute, I’ll have you know I turned the TV off at halftime and took a shower. I had no interest in the musical atrocity of the year that always seems to end up at halftime of our beloved football game each year. From what I saw on Twitter, I didn’t miss a thing. Due to some luck and some perfect timing, I turned the TV back on right as they were kicking off the 2nd half. Be jealous, guys. I will give kudos to a funny tweet that I saw……..Maroon 5, Rams 3.

Now we wait until next season with only the draft to placate us between now and then. The excitement will build towards the end of summer, we’ll buy our magazines, we’ll start getting our buddies together to plan our fantasy drafts. We’ll be in full football mode once again by early September. I’m ready. Are you?

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