The Alliance of American Football

Last night we saw the first 2 games of the Alliance of American Football. The new league promises to show us a quality level of football, a few rule changes, and some familiar faces from the both the NFL and the NCAA. If last night was any indication, I’m already sold on the product. The game that was televised here was the San Antonio Commanders versus the San Diego Fleet. It was a very exciting game and the talent level was much higher than I was expecting.

There are 8 teams in the inaugural season:

  • Arizona Hotshots
  • Atlanta Legends
  • Birmingham Iron
  • Memphis Express
  • Orlando Apollos
  • Salt Lake Stallions
  • San Antonio Commanders
  • San Diego Fleet

Most of these teams are in cities that don’t currently have an NFL franchise. This is great for the fans in those cities. You could see the excitement in the crowd last night too. I am truly looking forward to seeing each of these teams play during the course of the season. As a matter of fact, a buddy and I last night were half joking, half not, about doing a fantasy league for AAF. I’m not sure if Las Vegas had spreads available, but some offshore accounts did. When I’m in West Virginia for March Madness, you can count on me looking for some gambling options.

Two things stood out that impressed me quite a bit. The first was the high level names involved in this league. Hines Ward, Steve Spurrier, Mike Martz, and a few more former NFL and NCAA names. With a seasoned crew like this, the league should be in very capable hands. The other thing that I absolutely loved was the Sky Judge. The Sky Judge can change any call on the field that was missed or change a call that was made in error. How badly do New Orleans Saints fans want this adopted in the NFL? This could be a pass interference call,  a ball spot, or a variety of other things that take place during the course of a football game. The world is watching, hopefully the NFL is as well.

I also love that the referees looked as though they were keeping the flags in their pockets, at least during the game I was watching. San Diego QB Mike Bercovici took a hard, but clean, hit early in the San Antonio vs San Diego game. His helmet went flying and he hit the ground hard. It was a clean hit, but rest assured the NFL would have had multiple flags flying around in the backfield. He was ok and came right back into the game. He just probably needs a few Advil this morning.

All in all it was a very successful debut for the Alliance. I’ll be checking out some rosters so I can decide who ‘my team’ is later on today. San Antonio has the early lead because I really liked Logan Woodside in college. They also have University of Cincinnati’s Mekale McKay at WR. However, I still have 6 more teams to check out. If you missed last night’s action, I highly recommend giving this league a shot. We have 2 more games today. Tune in and enjoy.

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