MLB Win Totals 2019

In anticipation of the 2019 Major League Baseball season, I’ve been looking over win totals posted by various books in Las Vegas. What you’ll see is a half game difference here, a half game there. It all depends, obviously, on the money coming in at one book or another. For this blog, I’m going with the numbers posted by Caesar’s. Keep in mind that there are still some free agents that haven’t signed, including the 2 big ones, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. Where they ultimately sign will move these numbers.

AL East

  • Yankees 97
  • Red Sox 96.5
  • Rays 84
  • Blue Jays 74
  • Orioles 59

AL Central

  • Indians 91.5
  • Twins 84
  • White Sox 76
  • Royals 69
  • Tigers 67.5

AL West

  • Astros 95.5
  • A’s 84.5
  • Angels 84
  • Mariners 71
  • Rangers 70.5

NL East

  • Nationals 88
  • Phillies 87
  • Braves 86
  • Mets 84.5
  • Marlins 65.5

NL Central

  • Cubs 92.5
  • Brewers 90.5
  • Cardinals 89
  • Pirates 77.5
  • Reds 76

NL West

  • Dodgers 94
  • Rockies 85
  • Giants 74.5
  • Diamondbacks 74
  • Padres 73.5

Again, free agency will move these numbers. If you have a hunch, bet accordingly before they sign. The Machado rumors have had him going to the White Sox, Padres, and Yankees. Harper has been linked to the Phillies, Yankees, and Dodgers. The initial drama has died down regarding these 2 players, but we should see something very soon with Spring Training right around the corner.

I’ve bet totals before and quite often you know by mid-August if you’re going to win or lose. A couple years ago, the Reds came down to the last game of the season. They lost, and so did I. It happens, and then we go back to the window to place another bet. A few of these stand out to me. The Phillies over looks really good. Even more so if they land Harper. With that said, the Dodgers under looks just as good unless they snag him. The NL Central will be a dogfight. Take the over on the Reds and the under on the Pirates. I feel Pittsburgh will land in the basement there. The teams in the 90s are always risky. One key injury can push the under. By association, any team 62 and under makes the over look good. The Orioles are the only ones in this category this season. They can’t be worse than last year.

Take a look at these if you’re interested in betting them. Watch free agency and see how they move before making your bets. Baseball is almost here, that’s the most important part of all of this. Bet wisely and responsibly, get the grill ready, and get ready for some baseball.

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