The Cleveland Browns Sign Kareem Hunt

Yesterday, the Cleveland Browns signed Kareem Hunt to a 1-year contract. When the contract is up, he will be a restricted free agent. This will give the Browns control of him at that point. The social justice warriors were out in full force yesterday when this news broke. Everyone had an opinion, a lot of people were mad (online), and no one could believe their opinion wasn’t being listened to by the Cleveland browns front office. In today’s clickbait society, this was a glorious day for news outlets, especially ESPN. You know they love this kind of story.

I’m not surprised Kareem Hunt was signed. I am surprised it was the Browns though, despite the relationship that Hunt has with John Dorsey. The Browns, for the first time in decades, are a team on the rise. Rookie RB Nick Chubb had a stellar season. The 2-back set with Chubb and Duke Johnson seemed to work well for them. So why bring in embattled Kareem Hunt? That’s the part that has me scratching my head.

A team with young future stars in key positions needs to have stability. Quite often, we see these guys in a different light because they’re bigger than life, both physically and figuratively. Because of this, we often forget that they’re still kids in the grand scheme of things. At that age, you can be adversely affected by the smallest outlier that finds its way into your comfort zone. With this in mind, how will the Hunt signing affect the locker room in Cleveland? Will Chubb lose confidence? Will Baker Mayfield have an opinion? If he does, will he voice it? This was a risky signing.

Kareem Hunt is a phenomenally talented player, there’s no doubt about that. What he did, what was captured on video, is inexcusable. Even if you take out the fact that it was a woman he hit, the brutality of it, as a stand alone action, is still inexcusable. SJWs all over Twitter were bringing up every player that had ever hit a woman and it turned into a circus of redundancy. Logging off last night was my best decision of 2019 so far.

Hunt has been seeking help for his issues and apparently the Browns were impressed with his progress, at least enough to sign him. This obviously doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, as evidenced on social media yesterday. So where does the line get drawn? If you hit a woman you never play in the league again? What if you hit a man? Is that acceptable in a society where men and women are considered equal? The double standards are through the roof on this issue right now. Browns fans who trashed the Bengals for drafting Joe Mixon are now faced with a similar issue. They’re on the other side of the fence now.

I don’t have the answer for any of this, nor will I attempt to offer a quick fix. This is in the league’s hands now. As far as the social media end of it, let’s face it, most of those people wake up looking for cause to cry about; a reason to complain. I can assure you that the NFL and the Cleveland Browns give exactly zero credence to them. You are completely free to have your own opinion of this entire fiasco. Just don’t pretend yours is better than the next guy’s. There will be some Browns fans that burn jerseys, make angry videos, or do some other crazy stunt to get views on their timeline. None of it will matter. This is between the Browns and the NFL now.

I hope Kareem Hunt becomes a better person through all of this. He has amends to make, he has trust to regain. One bad incident doesn’t make you a bad person, but you still have to deal with the repercussions, and deservedly so. In the meantime, I’m watching the AAF over the next 9 weeks to get my football fix. I won’t involve myself with opinions on Twitter or anywhere else over this issue. The anger among the SJWs will die down soon, like it always does.

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