Broncos Get Flacco, Ravens Roll With Jackson

Joe Flacco is now a Denver Bronco. Social media, and the internet in general, has lit up with opinions, insults, and an endless array of things that the internet does that often garners opinions from every corner of the world. Despite what the majority has voiced, I actually think this works out better for Denver than it does for Baltimore.

With the exception of the Peyton Manning signing, John Elway has made, simply put, bad choices in his quarterbacks. From Brock Osweiler to Paxton Lynch to Tim Tebow, the Broncos haven’t had a lot of confidence under center lately. I like Case Keenum, but he just needs to be with the right team. Denver wasn’t that team, apparently. Elway saw this too, so he went after Joe Flacco. Flacco is a seasoned quarterback, he has postseason experience, he has a ring. He’s not flashy, he’s not Tom Brady (who is?), but he’s a veteran that will hold down the fort while the Broncos draft their future QB and let him learn under Flacco. The second coming of Tom Brady wasn’t available, so they made the next best choice.

The Broncos offense is lacking weapons, that much is obvious. They now have a QB that won’t fold under pressure, a QB that will be patient and professional while the team builds around him. When the time comes to hand over the reins to someone else, the team should be on the rise. In this day of free agency and stars jumping from team to team, most people have forgotten that this is how teams are built. I’m not suggesting that Joe Flacco is going to lead the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl; he isn’t. But he will mentor all the pieces that they add over the next couple years to put the next guy in position to do so. This is a smart move by Elway.

On the Ravens side of this, they have put complete faith in Lamar Jackson, or so it seems. He had an impressive rookie campaign and they are banking on him improving over time. He’s not afraid to leave the pocket, but I’m sure the Ravens would like to see him check down a little better going forward. This is something that will come with time for a young QB. Jackson is a phenomenal athlete, as everyone has seen by now. How he holds up playing his style remains to be seen. If Baltimore plans to keep him in the pocket more, Lamar Jackson is going to have to prove that he can be that type of player. He’s been iffy in that department, but the Ravens have a great coaching staff to guide him along.

I’ve seen bad grades for Denver on this move and pretty good grades for Baltimore. I personally feel it’s fairly even, with an edge to Denver. The Ravens have made the decision to move forward with Jackson while the Broncos have opted for Flacco for a couple seasons. It works for both, if you ask me. Regardless of my opinion, or anybody else’s, Week 1 is when we will start to see if either of these plans comes to fruition. Until then, we have 9 more weeks of AAF to enjoy. Then we’ll start talking about the 2019 season, mock fantasy drafts, point spreads, etc. Isn’t football the best?

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