Legalized Betting Update

There have been a few changes regarding legalized sports betting since I last wrote about it. There are currently 8 states that have allowed it; Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Some other states have made strides in this direction, but a few have run across speed bumps along the way.

Up Next: New York and Arkansas should be in the game very shortly, possibly as soon as late Spring or early Summer. New York recently ruled the ban on Draft Kings and Fan Duel as unconstitutional. This will likely open doors for sports betting. Arkansas is going to offer sports betting at 4 spots to kick off their legalization. Once the law gets through all of the legal jargon, these will be up and running.

Making Strides: There are 29 states that have a bill in place but have stalled somewhat. I won’t list all of these, as it would be redundant. A few seem to be in a better spot than others though. In Connecticut, a new bill was introduced last month with an addendum to an earlier bill that stalled in the state legislature. Kentucky introduced 2 bills last month in an effort to sway the commission in charge. Likewise, Indiana put a new bill in place last month with changes to an earlier bill. In addition, the following states have a new bill in house that could possibly be passed soon: Massachusetts, Missouri, Kansas, South Carolina, Oregon, Montana, Maine, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Texas.

New Hampshire has a bill that will be enacted, if passed, on January 1st, 2020. South Dakota is in the process of getting a bill on the 2020 ballot as well. In Tennessee, they are a little ahead of some others. The current bill in place could allow sports betting by July 1st. Theirs is interesting in the fact that they will offer an opt out for colleges that don’t want to participate in sports betting.

No Activity: There are 11 states that, as of yet, have no interest or movement on the sports betting issue. Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Nebraska, North Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are in this group. I’m surprised at North Carolina, as they already have casinos. Some of the other states may as well, but I’ve actually been to one in NC.

Not Happening: If you live in Utah and want to bet on sports, hop in your car and take a road trip. It’s simply not happening in Utah. They have an anti-gambling stance written into the state constitution. With that in mind, it would take years of jumping through legal hoops to get this changed. So, like I said, road trip.

It’s coming, guys. Slowly but surely we’re seeing sports betting laws being amended and passed across the country. Hopefully one near you is included in this. I now have Mardi Gras Casino in West Virginia a mere 3 hour drive away. It’s a nice little place to hang out and bet on some games. It’s not Vegas, but there’s only 1 Las Vegas. These other states are giving us options without a $300+ flight to be able to do it. This is a good thing, obviously. As always, bet wisely.

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