Selection Sunday

Today is the day that will have a lot of teams on the edge of their seats. Do they get to dance or are they headed to the NIT? You can ask 10 different analysts and get 10 different responses as to who should be in and who should be left out. This is truly the best time of the year for sports fans.

There are quite a few big conference teams that are currently on the bubble. TCU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida; just to name a few. Will their schedule strength save them? In TCU’s case, their sub-.500 conference record would have me sending them to the NIT. If you won less than half your games in your own conference, I think you’ve already shown us what you’re made of. Xavier is making a rare appearance on the bubble this season after a less than stellar start. The way they have played down the stretch and in the Big East tournament may get them in, but nothing is to be taken for granted here.

Some smaller schools have made some noise this year as well. Teams that won their regular season conference title, but stumbled in the conference tourney. Personally, I’d rather see teams like Lipscomb and Wright State getting in over a bigger school that struggled in their own conference. I’m not on the committee though, obviously. Outside of the bigger schools’ respective fan bases, these smaller teams would garner more interest among most sports fans, especially among bettors in sportsbooks across the country. Tonight we will see how it all plays out.

A week ago, the #1 seeds seemed to be set. And then conference tournaments happened. Virginia fell, Gonzaga fell, UK lost yesterday. Duke, with the return of Zion, has made themselves worthy of a top seed now. This, of course, depends on what happens today. If someone asked me who my #1 seeds are right now, I’d have difficulty answering that question. If Tennessee wins, I think they get one. So what happens with Gonzaga and Virginia? I do not envy the committee members today. They have it rough this year. And we all know that millions of experts on their couch will blast them on social media. Twitter should be a bona fide shit show tonight. Tune in.

I can see a few other teams making a run and surprising people. Michigan, Michigan State, and Kansas State, to name a few. Who will be the Cinderella this year? Depending on matchups, there are a few out there. Lipscomb, Liberty, NKU, and quite a few others have a lot to offer. These teams, and a few more, could pull a first round upset with the right matchup.

We have several good games today, then the selection show. Brackets across the country will be filled out, the excitement will start to build, and every single one of us will have our own opinions as to who will win it all. Aaaahhh, March. Regarding brackets, remember one very important rule; if you fill out more than 1, you lose your right to brag about any of them. Man up, fill out your bracket, and let that bracket speak for you. Anyone can fill out multiple brackets and strike gold. A blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Good luck and gamble wisely.

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