East Bracket

It’s safe to say that we can call this the Duke bracket. Duke is the overall #1 seed in the tournament this year, so all roads go through them. On paper. I don’t really see any of the top 3 seeds in this bracket having much trouble during the first week. Duke, Michigan State, and LSU should be able to cruise into the Sweet 16. However, this is March. We’ve seen it many times before and I’m sure we’ll see it again; nothing is to be taken for granted this time of year.

There are a couple extremely intriguing matchups here as well. I love the #8 vs #9 game. UCF and VCU should put on a classic. Tacko Fall going up against the VCU defense will be fun to watch. #7 Louisville vs #10 Minnesota, aka the Pitino Revenge Game, will have eyes all over it. I can assure you that Richard Pitino wants this win more than any other this season, for a few reasons. I think Louisville wins, but drama awaits in this one.

My upset alert detector is beeping loudly in the East bracket. (I don’t really have a mechanical device, as such, just roll with it) #5 Mississippi State vs #12 Liberty could be an upset in the making. With Liberty coming from a small conference, no one really knows what they can bring to the table. They have looked very impressive this season though. #13 St Louis has played some stellar basketball of late. #4 Virginia Tech needs to bring their A-game. #6 Maryland will be facing the winner of the play-in game between Belmont and Temple. Belmont has been there, they’ve done that. Temple has been hot down the stretch. This will be an exciting play-in game and both of these teams could give Maryland a tough way to go.

Upsets and enticing matchups aside, I feel this is Duke’s bracket to lose. I really went out on a limb, huh? It is what it is though; if your team is in this bracket, they will have to play their best game of the season to make it out alive. Tom Izzo is one of the best coaches that college basketball has ever seen. I’ll never count him out. If it comes down to Duke vs Michigan State, we’re all in for a treat.

There are definitely potential upsets in the East; some good money to be won. Whether these come to fruition remains to be seen. I hope your brackets thrive and your bets win, just remember to bet wisely. Most of all, just enjoy the games.

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