Opening Day 2019

It’s here, guys. Just 2 days away. In 48 hours, ballparks around the country will be filled with fans who have missed this beloved sport for the last 5 months. The wait is over though. As we embark on another season, all of us, no matter what team we are a fan of, will start this season with visions of grandeur. Is this our year? Is a World Series on the horizon? Each division is in a 5-way tie right now. It’s time to earn it on the field.

There are so many facets of the game of baseball that we miss. Sure, we all love to sit in the sun on a nice summer day and watch our team. Our love of the game goes deeper though. The average hot dogs that somehow taste as though they came from a 5-star restaurant await us. The almost cold beer that we gladly pay exorbitant prices for are ready to be consumed by all. And don’t get me started on the helmet nachos.

We love baseball for the intricacies of the game as well. We get to the ballpark and see old friends that we haven’t hung out with since last season. The excitement in the crowd as the first pitch draws near. This season, there are sure to be tributes to Frank Robinson in some cities. I’m assuming Cincinnati and Baltimore are on that list. We’ll then get ceremonial first pitches out of the way right before the home team takes the field. The crowd will be ecstatic at this point. There will be new faces, new walk up songs, and same old game that we love. Someone will come out to sing our National Anthem and we’ll all gladly stand to honor this wonderful country.

And then the magic happens. No matter where you’re sitting in the stadium, you’ll hear those 2 words that are magic to our ears. “Play ball!” an umpire will shout. Goosebumps will cover our bodies that have been starved of this game. And that first called strike will elicit a “steeeeeeerike!” that will surely send us into a frenzy. My gosh, how do we go 5 months without this game?

Opening Day should be a national holiday. It is the epitome of America; a sport that no other country can boast about. Sure, they play it in other countries, but not at this level. I’ve often said that for every situation in life, good or bad, there is a baseball analogy that fits. That, to me, is a sign that baseball is in all of us. It’s our game, it’s our pastime.

It’s America.

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