Sweet 16 Lines & Picks

We have 8 games over the next 2 days. The Sweet 16 is very chalk heavy this year, so this should guarantee some tight games and good matchups. I asked a couple buddies, aka the 2 Garys, what they thought for each game. I’ll include my picks as well. For the record, one of them is a diehard UK fan, the other is a Duke fan. And yes, they’re good friends. Sometimes sports unifies people regardless of their team. It’s called living with class.

Gonzaga -7.5 vs Florida State

  • Me: Gonzaga
  • Gary P: FSU
  • Gary S: Gonzaga

Tennessee -1.5 vs Purdue

  • Me: Tennessee
  • Gary P: Tennessee
  • Gary S: Tennessee

Michigan -1.5 vs Texas Tech

  • Me: Michigan
  • Gary P: Texas Tech
  • Gary S: Michigan

Virginia -8.5 vs Oregon

  • Me: Oregon
  • Gary P: Oregon
  • Gary S: Oregon

Michigan State -6 vs LSU

  • Me: LSU
  • Gary P: MSU
  • Gary S: LSU

North Carolina -5 vs Auburn

  • Me: UNC
  • Gary P: UNC
  • Gary S: Auburn (actually called for them to win outright)

Duke -7.5 vs Virginia Tech

  • Me: Duke
  • Gary P: Duke
  • Gary S: Virginia Tech

Kentucky -3 vs Houston

  • Me: UK
  • Gary P: Houston
  • Gary S: UK

There you have it, picks from 3 different sports fans. Are we experts? Nope, but we do pretty well on a regular basis when gambling. These lines will more than likely move a little before each game tips off. They may also vary from one book to another. I got these from VegasInsider and used the Westgate Superbook lines. We have 4 great days of basketball ahead of us as the season winds down. Enjoy it, gamble wisely, and good luck.

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