It’s Sunday. Whatcha Doin’?

Me, I’m sitting at my beach house watching baseball highlights while Kate Beckinsale feeds me grapes. Ok, full disclosure, I’m at work. Today has a full slate of games across every sport. If it’s cold where you are, like it is here, then today is a good day to sit on the couch and watch as many games as you possibly can. If it’s warm, go take a hike. I mean that in the most literal sense, not as a colloquialism. Get outside and enjoy mother nature.

We have 2 more Elite 8 games today. Kentucky (-4.5) takes on conference foe Auburn. After that, Duke (-2) will face Michigan State. Both of these games should be very entertaining. Auburn has been on fire, so the Wildcats better be ready. Both Duke and Sparty have played solid ball throughout the tournament so far, so this should be a very intense game. I’m pretty sure my bracket has no chance to win after the Vols and Wolverines got bounced, but I’m still pulling for my remaining Final Four teams, UK and Duke.

Major League Baseball has a full slate today. This season is starting out just as we thought it would. The Red Sox, Astros, and Cardinals are all under .500, the Orioles and Yankees are tied in the standings, and the Kansas City Royals are perfect so far. Yeah, I get it, we’re only 3 days into the season. How fun have those 3 games been though? I was at GABP for the Reds Opening Day and had an absolute blast. From the tailgate, in which I watched a guy suck a Jell-O shot off the pavement, to the game itself, it was a great time. If you want to see the Jell-O shot video, head to my personal page (grog1324) or hit up Busted Coverage’s website, as he posted it there as well.

The NHL has 6 games on tap today. A few of them have playoff implications, so this should be an exciting day for all you puckheads out there. NBC has the Flyers hosting the Rangers at 12:30 while NBCSN has the Bruins going to Detroit to face the Red Wings.

There are 7 games in the NBA today. Teams that are in the playoffs or in the playoff hunt will look to solidify their seeding. Looking at the schedule today, not many matchups stand out. With the referee snafu the other night, the Golden State Warriors may not lose another game. That was ugly and inexcusable. The Warriors may have gotten all the focus they need after that.

So enjoy your day. I’ll be checking out games when I get home from work. The college hoops will draw my interest, of course, as well as a hockey game or 2. Unfortunately, my Reds will be done by the time I get home. Sunday Night Baseball gives us the Braves and Phillies. Maybe Bryce Harper will hit a monster bomb again. His 465 foot homer yesterday was quite a sight to see. Have fun, gamble wisely.

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