Mick Cronin Is Gone!!!

Mick Cronin is no longer the head coach of the University of Cincinnati Men’s basketball team. I have waited years to see that, say that, type that, send out smoke signals signifying that. Good Lord, today is a beautiful day. Thank you, UCLA, for embracing the mediocrity that is Mick Cronin. Take his 10-17 tournament record, his .370 tournament winning percentage, and roll on through the middle of the PAC-12 for the next decade before you realize what you have done.

I am giggling while writing this. I can’t remember being this happy in anything sports related. And I just won $500 last night on the championship game. Most sensible UC fans have wanted this over the last 2 years. There are still some delusional fans that think he can coach. Pray for them. I had grown so tired of hearing about his 25-30 wins each season, only to see them get bounced in the first or second round of the tournament. Any halfway decent team can win 25 games in the American Athletic Conference. Oooohh, it’s so impressive how you manhandled Tulane last week. Think you can do the same against Tulsa? Huge eyeroll emoji here.

Luckily for Mick, the PAC-12 isn’t much better. He’ll get a few key wins to keep the fan base happy, but will never win when it counts. Good luck, Bruins fans. UCLA is the drunk guy at a bar right now who takes home a 10. Only when he wakes up next to a 2 will he realize the error of his ways. Cincinnati has been sleeping with that 2 for way too long. It’s time to hire a good coach. Bring pride back to the Queen City. We need to get back on the map; we need to be relevant again.

So who do they hire? I have no idea who they are looking at, or who they would like. I’ve heard names tossed around; Pitino being the biggest of them. I wouldn’t mind a former player, one who played when UC was good, maybe a Nick Van Exel. I’m just brainstorming though. They could hire my Uncle Ernie and it would be an improvement. Other former UC players would be a good choice, in my opinion. Terry Nelson has been a vital part of this team in years past. I think he would be great when it comes to representing the Bearcats. I’ll leave that to the AD and the people at the top. I’m just rejoicing in the departure of Mick Cronin today.

Whatever direction they choose to go, a new chapter awaits Bearcats fans. It’s always exciting when change occurs after rough times. Only time will tell if the decision they make proves to be the right one or not. I’m excited and, according to Twitter, so are a lot of other UC fans. Let’s hope they get their guy, whoever it may be, and we can hopefully stick around for the second weekend of the tournament one day soon. Until then, we have the 1-8 Reds to cheer for. Breathe. Relax. Change is coming.

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