Just a Few Sports Thoughts

A lot of things going on in sports right now, absolutely nothing going on at work. So here I am. As baseball is taking off on their 2019 season, the NHL and NBA are heading into the playoffs. This is easily the best hockey you’ll see. Playoff hockey is the best postseason of any sport, in my opinion. The NBA playoffs will be fun too, as this is the only time you’ll really see any defense being played.

Let’s start with an oddity today. The Cincinnati Reds became the first team in history to win 2 or less games in their first 10 games and still have a positive run differential. This was obviously assisted by their 14-0 drubbing of the Fish last night. Back-to-back-to-back HRs were part of a huge inning to make this happen. Cincinnati fans finally got something to be excited about.

In other MLB news, Chris Sale is off to an 0-3 start. Something isn’t right in Boston and it needs to be fixed soon. Mike Trout is day to day with a groin strain. I wish I were athletic enough to actually be able to have this injury. But alas, here I am, at my desk just typing about it. The Lenny Dykstra/Ron Darling soap opera picked up a bit. Darling spoke truths (per him) in his book and Dykstra got mad online. Now he’s getting mad in court. What I’d give to just have these two guys meet at the flagpole at 3:00. Marcell Ozuna climbed the wall last night to rob someone of a HR only to see the ball hit the warning track as he did his best spider monkey impression atop the wall. Even Cal Daniels is laughing at that one. Younger readers may want to google him. Worst defensive OF I’ve ever seen.

And now we get to Magic Johnson. Magic just abruptly walked away from his duties with the Los Angeles Lakers. He said he just wanted to be Magic Johnson. Apparently his role kept him from doing this. I get it, he represents the league just being him. I actually think this is good for the NBA to have him as a more accessible former player and Hall of Fame member. The Lakers will be fine; they’re the Lakers. What I didn’t know, and I haven’t seen or looked for verification of, is that apparently Luke Walton is dating Jeanie Buss. That would be reason for me to leave. Your boss is dating someone who reports to you? No thanks. If my manager was dating my lead here at work, I’m not sure how I would be expected to honestly do my job. Too many conflicts. And again, I have no proof that this is happening as I only heard about it in the wee hours this morning. So take it with a proverbial grain of salt.

Other than that, just another day in the sports world. The NHL playoffs start tonight, so be ready for that. I’ll miss the first 2 nights as I have concerts to attend both tonight and tomorrow. Throw in an afternoon Reds game tomorrow and I’ve got a busy 48 hours. I’m sure that Tropidelic and RDGLDGRN will put on a great show tonight, as will SOJA, Iya Terra, and Passafire tomorrow. Haven’t heard them? Look them up. Good vibes, good times. Enjoy your day.

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