Bat Flips: Good or Bad?

The bat flip has taken center stage in the early part of the season for Major League Baseball. It has become the topic of many sports talk radio and TV shows. A couple of on-field incidents have created this, much to the amusement of the average, everyday fan. First off, we had the Cincinnati Reds’ Derek Dietrich pause at home plate to admire the absolute bomb he hit off of Chris Archer. Later in the game, Archer purposely threw behind Dietrich which resulted in a bench clearing brawl. This brawl also gave us an epic photo starring Yasiel Puig. Now we have added the Tim Anderson bat throw after going yard against the Kansas City Royals.

I posted a tweet yesterday asking for opinions on the bat flip. The varied responses were exactly what I expected, and wanted. Before we get into them, I’ll give my views on the bat flip. I love it; absolutely love it. You’re playing at the highest level and you just dropped a dong on the opposing team. You have every reason to admire it, flip the bat, or otherwise celebrate. Pitchers who retaliate just make themselves look bad. Grow up. If you don’t want someone to bat flip you, get them out. Very simple. Having said that, this carries a situational stipulation as well. If you’re down 8-0 in the 9th inning and you bat flip or pimp a solo shot, you’re a dick. You deserve a heater in the ribs the next time you face this pitcher and/or team.

My buddy Steve chimed in with a simple solution. “If the pitchers don’t like it, then strike them out.” I love it! Don’t take your anger out on someone else if you aren’t doing your job. That’s on you. My pal Lenny was along the same lines of thinking, but with a stipulation similar to mine. “You hit a HR to tie the game, take the lead, or hit a grand slam, then bat flip the shit out of it. The solo HR up 5 runs in the 9th inning and you bat flip, you’re getting hit. Otherwise, pimp it!” For the record, Lenny played minor league ball. He knows a thing or two about the so-called unwritten rules.

My Twitter bud Tiffany had thoughts as well. She compares the bat flip to an entertainer’s mic drop. You put on a good show, you get to put the exclamation point on it. She went on to question if they are necessary. Of course not. She then added that it’s no different than a touchdown dance. She went on to state that she thinks the HR itself should do the talking. If you pimp it, prepared to be hit.

And then there’s my good friend Calli. She is a treasure.

  • “I fuckin’ love bat flips; flip it to the motherfucking moon. Flip that shit into outer space and watch it the entire way. Never move. Just admire what you’ve done.”

I know what a lot of you are thinking. Don’t go there. She knows more about baseball than most of you.

There you have it, 5 people with different thoughts as well as some similar ones, albeit to different degrees. I know this has been a topic on ESPN, I saw that when I had lunch at Bdubs today. Fortunately, the sound was off though and I didn’t have to listen to them. It is sure to become a more serious topic if the bat flips continue. I loved Amir Garrett’s tweet. He said something to the effect of go ahead and pimp it. Just know that if I strike you out, I’m celebrating too. I wish everyone had that view. I’m looking at you, Chris Archer.

One thought on “Bat Flips: Good or Bad?

  1. Awesome stuff! It’s good and bad. In certain situations though I believe there is etiquette involved. Love your work brother. Well written. Hope you are well.


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