Orioles Braille

I’m going to preface this blog by saying that I would never ridicule or make fun of anyone with a handicap of any kind, be it physical, mental, or whatever. But, um, have you seen these Orioles uniforms with the braille on it? Good Lord, this may be the dumbest gimmick/promotion I have ever seen. Not just in sports, mind you, but ever. In anything. Period.

The Baltimore Orioles have said they are doing it to raise awareness. Are you serious?!? All of us, each and every single one of us, are completely aware that blind people exist. I get it if you want to promote awareness for more obscure diseases and illnesses. Blindness is something we were all made aware of in grade school. Hello Helen Keller, I remember you. Hello Louis Braille, we’ve all heard your story too. Thanks for the dots.

The blind do not watch baseball, they listen to it. This is the equivalent of putting on lipstick before talking on the radio. It’s senseless; it makes the Orioles look dumb. And remember, they signed Chris Davis long term. Apply ‘hold my beer’ memes as needed. To make this all even worse, the uniforms are extremely ugly. What I’d give to hear an announcer say “2 dots 3 dots diagonal dots right angle dots with a great catch there”. This is seriously just a bad idea.

It’s always a great feel good moment when teams and athletes give to charity, start a charity, or raise awareness in many other ways. I personally contribute to an organization here in Cincinnati each season that takes kids to baseball games, soccer games, football games, among many other activities. These kids would otherwise not be able to attend games. It’s a great cause that I’m proud to be connected with. My donation each season is based on a Reds player’s RBI total. I donate $1 for each RBI with a minimum donation of $100. This year, Yasiel Puig is my guy. I have gotten others to join in as well. They pick their player and make similar donations.

But come on Baltimore, this is just weird and uncomfortable. I’m happy that this gimmick will more than likely raise a lot of money, I really am. It’s just so ridiculous. I can’t wait until we raise awareness for deafness. No announcers, just the sounds of the game. I bet a lot of you would actually love that. Promo nights at the ballpark could possibly go off the hook. I guess I’ll head on down to Great American Ballpark for Canker Sore Night. I hear they’re giving away a bobblehead.

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