Weekly Wrap Up

Quite a few things to write about this past week, but I’ve had a busy week. On top of work, I had a nephew fly in from Phoenix, a concert last night, and I’m heading to the beach early Sunday morning. So, here we go.

Jesse Winker pissed off Mets fans in glaring fashion. You’ve seen the highlights, you may well have watched the game. After winning the game one night, Jesse waved goodbye to Mets fans in right field who had been heckling him all game. No harm, no foul, right? Well, 2 nights later, he ended the game with a sliding catch while playing left field. Once again, as fans shouted who knows what at him, he got up and waved goodbye to them again. He then sprinted across the field to wave goodbye to the fans in right field again. This is where Mets fans had an issue. On Twitter, they were calling for Thor to hit him the next day. He didn’t, Mets won 1-0. Here’s what Mets fans need to understand; they started this, not Winker. Be softer, New York, you can’t.

In the days after the NFL draft, thousands (millions?) of armchair NFL experts made relentless fun of the New York Giants for drafting Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick. The guy is an outstanding athlete. Personally I would have taken Haskins, but the Giants chose Jones. I think both have very good NFL careers ahead of them. Remember last year when people bashed the Browns for taking Baker Mayfield? Yeah, that worked out pretty well for them. I was one of them, so I’ll shut my mouth this time. Good luck to Daniel Jones.

The NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing with both of them in the 2nd round. The NBA is following the script, for the most part. The NHL………not so much. With both #1 seeds being knocked out in the first round, the Stanley Cup seems to be up for grabs. The Boston Bruins are the only major market team left. How bad does NBC want them to run the table at this point? I have no vested interest in the remaining teams, so I’m hoping the Stanley Cup Playoffs go the way of the NCAA hoops Final Four. Two teams that don’t exactly have that big name draw vying for the championship. Give me Canes/CBJ versus Stars/Sharks and I’m happy. Regardless, the NHL playoffs are the most exciting postseason of any sport.

Nick Senzel is making his long awaited debut in Cincinnati tonight for the Reds. The aura surrounding him the last 2 seasons has had Reds fans salivating. Tonight, they get their wish. He will be batting 2nd between Joey Votto and Jesse Winker. That’s called good protection. Smart move on the part of David Bell. Keep in mind, this could go a variety of ways. Here’s to hoping Reds fans haven’t gotten their hopes up too much. No one can expect a rookie to be the savior of the club. Kris Bryant and Mike Trout caliber players don’t come along too often. Senzel could go 0-5, he could go 4-4. Let him get comfortable and adjust to this level of play, no matter what happens tonight.

So I’m headed to Biloxi for some downtime and relaxation. This will be my third trip there, but my first since they legalized sports gambling. I’ll definitely be checking in with my thoughts once I get there. I’ll hit up each of the casinos on the beach (hopefully) and let you guys know what I think. Treasure Bay, Harrah’s, Hard Rock, Beau Rivage, and a few more will be on my list. I’m also taking in a Biloxi Shuckers game one night. I love watching the future of Major League Baseball taking their swings. Last summer, I had a great time at the Pensacola Blue Wahoos game while on vacation. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to a week of sun, sand, water, a drink or 23, some gambling, and a couple dinners at Slap Ya Momma’s BBQ. Enjoy your week. Peace.

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