Biloxi: Gambling, Baseball, and Food

So, I spent last week in Biloxi for some downtime and relaxation. As most of you know, Mississippi is now a legal sports gambling state. Yes, I indulged a little bit. This was my third time to Biloxi, the first since legalized sports gambling was introduced. I did visit 3 different casino/sportsbooks and really liked what I saw. The cool thing is that Biloxi also has much more to offer. It’s definitely a place to check out.

We’ll start with the gambling, because why not? The first place I checked out was Treasure Bay. It’s not located by the bigger casinos; it sits about 3 miles west and, for now, is the only casino in the immediate vicinity. It was a 5 minute walk from my hotel. Their sportsbook is a William Hill book. Although rather small, it was nice and they offered competitive lines. It is located right next to a small bar and a cafe, which I might add had a delicious and reasonably priced breakfast. An omelette and wheat toast for $7? Why yes, I think I will. They could use more TVs though. My suggestion would be to remove some of the slots in the area and expand that way. That’s up to them though. The lunch buffet at Treasure Bay was fantastic. It offered quite a bit Deep South dishes and only cost about $12. So visit Treasure Bay if you’re nearby.

The Hard Rock Biloxi was my next casino to see. Their sportsbook is set up a lot like the one in Vegas. I’ve heard that one is going away though, or may already be gone. Anyway, it’s a nice medium sized book with ample TVs. Some of the seats even have video poker if that’s your jam. The good thing about this place is the wide variety of dining options. Everything from a buffet to a Ben and Jerry’s can be found on site. I didn’t eat there this trip, with the exception of a smoothie from B & J, but I have eaten a couple places there before. The buffet was really good when I was there a few years ago. Pie 5 is a nice, quick pizza joint. People will go to Hard Rock regardless if they’re gambling, so I’m not sure what kind of expansions, if any, the sportsbook will see.

The last one I visited proved to be the best. Beau Rivage is essentially a Vegas hotel/casino plopped right down on the beach. This place is absolutely gorgeous. It’s huge, it’s glamorous, it’s a little bit of Vegas sitting on the Gulf in Mississippi. Their sports book is the biggest of the 3 I visited, and they already have plans to expand. A bistreaux called Tap will open in July. Yes, that’s how they spelled bistro. It sits at the back of the current book and will only improve what is already a nice place to gamble and watch the games. The Beau Rivage is easily THE place to be as it stands. Having said that, I didn’t make it down to Harrah’s, IP, or the Golden Nugget. You can’t go wrong with Beau though.

The rest of Biloxi has quite a bit to offer as well. I took in a Biloxi Shuckers game one night and had a great time. MGM Park is beautiful, and the Shuckers won that night. Since I was in Biloxi 2 years ago, they have built a boardwalk. It seems to me that the city is bumping up improvements everywhere with sports gambling being an option in town. This is great news, not just for bettors, but for the city itself. I also took a tour of Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’ home. Beautiful house with a lot of history. If you’re a history buff like me, check it out. The tour takes less than an hour, definitely worth your time.

As sports gambling is being legalized across the country, it gives us bettors so many more options. From what I’ve seen in West Virginia and Mississippi, Las Vegas is still going to be king for quite a while though. There’s only one Vegas. I’ll be checking out other states as they legalize as well. Tennessee (mobile only) and Indiana are on deck. Stay tuned.

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