5 Things I Would Change About Football

Well, I have already fixed baseball (apply sarcasm), so let’s look at football now. The NFL has been dragged through the mud on a few issues over the last few seasons. That said, most football fans have rules and other things they wish the NFL would change. I am one of those fans.

Let them play. That’s all, let the guys play the game the way they were taught. The league has become way too soft for my liking. Football is a game where I want to see people get hit hard; jar the ball loose, make them think twice next time. I get the safety aspects of this, but you can’t fully remove the dangers of the game and still have an exciting game to watch. Every single player that steps on that field understands the consequences. So let them play.

The NFL needs to fix overtime. They have made changes in recent years that are definitely improvements, but I think we still have a ways to go. Both teams should get a shot at scoring a touchdown, in my opinion. The change I would make here would be to make these teams go for the 2-pt conversion from the outset. NCAAF makes you do it on the third time around, the NFL should mandate it at the beginning of overtime. Overtime should be 15 minutes, if needed, as well.

What is a catch? Apparently no one knows. For the love of all that is holy, can we once and for all define what a catch is? For most of my life, I was pretty sure I knew. And then Calvin Johnson happened. That play prompted a clusterfuck of opinions from everyone. This includes fans, announcers, players, and even league officials. I am still, to this day, on Team Dez Caught it. I mean, he caught it. This is an area that needs to be clearly defined, and soon.

There is a certain rule in football that continues to baffle me as to how this ever became a rule. I am stunned that it still exists. If an offensive player fumbles a ball forward and it goes through the endzone or out of bounds in the endzone, then it’s a turnover. What?!? That’s ridiculous. If the defense doesn’t recover, the ball should be placed where the fumble happened. I seriously have no idea how this isn’t the actual rule. If a player fumbles on, let’s say, the 43 yard line and it goes out of bounds, the team on offense keeps the ball. How has no one simply grasped the inconsistency here?

The Super Bowl is watched by millions each year. The 2 best teams face each other for NFL dominance and bragging rights. Here’s the issue I have though; it never feels like a real football game. Halftime is extended, it is over-commercialized, and true football fans want none of it. Even the commercials suck now because humor left when the softies came in and decided to be offended by everything. So let’s do away with it. Let’s play a real football game going forward. I don’t need to see the new bimbo of the week with her boobs out lip-syncing her latest hit that will be forgotten by Valentine’s Day. I don’t need a 250 piece Dusseldorf choir coming in to sing 38 seconds of a song with her either. It’s horrible, get rid of it. Play football.

I’m sure Roger Goodell will be calling me soon to scrub the details with me, right? So what would you change? I’m sure we all have aspects of the game we want changed. Regardless, we’ll all be tuning in on Week 1 when our teams take the field. I believe we’re at about 100 days away. But who’s counting?

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