Legal Sports Betting Revisited

Since I last wrote about this topic, a few more states have taken steps towards legalized sports betting. Just last week, Pennsylvania, who already had sportsbooks up and running, did a soft launch on mobile betting. This is perfect timing for my trip to Gettysburg tomorrow. I already have the app downloaded, so I’m ready to go.

Tennessee has already voted to allow mobile gambling. They will become the first state to have mobile only, as there are no sportsbooks to place your bets. I find this intriguing and I am definitely looking forward to see how this goes. Again, good timing on my part, as I’ll be in Tennessee for my annual week long hiking trip in August. While researching all of the new options last week, I read that New Jersey (I believe) brings in 80% of their bets via mobile apps. This may be the way to go for other states that are in the process of legalizing sports betting.

Illinois has been in the news the last couple of weeks with their back and forth decisions on sports betting. It did finally pass, and from what I’ve read, it should be ready to go by the end of the year. Indiana seems to be a step ahead, as they passed it in house a month or so ago. Everything I’ve read states that it will be good to go by football season. Iowa has passed this law as well, with them launching later this year. Meanwhile, Kentucky and Ohio have taken steps backwards. Both of these states are going to see dollars leaving their respective states and crossing state lines into Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and Tennessee. This can’t possibly sit well for those in charge. For me and my buddies, Lawrenceburg, Indiana and their plethora of casinos is a short 15 minute drive away. Hellooooooo Hoosier state.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, Las Vegas will continue to be king. They aren’t getting dethroned anytime soon. What I think they’ll start to see though, is a slight decline in visitors. We passed on March Madness this season due to flight costs and the escalating cost of hotel stays in the desert. We had a good time in West Virginia for a fraction of the cost. The plan is for us to head to Las Vegas this October but, as it stands, the prices may drive us to Indiana. Either way, the country wide legalization is good for the business and, in my opinion, good for the sports themselves. Gambling garners more interest in the games, just as fantasy sports does. The average fan won’t bother watching the Arizona Cardinals play the Tennessee Titans. Throw in some vested interest and we’re tuning in. This bumps up advertising and viewership. Like the 90s alternative band Belly said…..”Feed the tree”.

I’m looking forward to see how all of this pans out over the summer. I’m especially interested to see how my state, and the states around me, move forward. Until then, always remember to bet wisely and responsibly.

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