The Lakers, Edwin, My Hapless Reds, and the Other Sports Stories

A lot has been going on this week in the world of sports. Some stories making major splashes, others being relegated to back pages and after thoughts. This is why we love the games; it’s why we’re glued to sports tickers and iPhones.

Anthony Davis is finally headed west to Los Angeles, just like we all knew he would eventually. The Pelicans sent him to the Lakers in exchange for a handful of players and picks, among them, Lonzo Ball. The best tweet I saw last night was from Sports Pickle stating how exciting it will be to watch Zion slam home some Lonzo bricks. As expected, pompous ass daddy Lavar Ball had to run his mouth. He issued a statement saying that the Lakers were guaranteed to never win another championship without prodigal son Lonzo on the roster. Yeah, because he brought true glory to that franchise. As someone who followed the Lakers since Wilt was playing, the Ball family’s departure from the city of angels is a true blessing. I feel I can root for them again. Once this news broke, the Lakers went from 25/1 to 7/2 in Vegas, becoming the odds on favorite to win the championship next season.

The Yankees made news yesterday as well. They got Edwin Encarnacion from the Mariners to add to their already volatile lineup. Encarnacion currently leads MLB with 21 homers. Once the Yankees get Judge and Stanton back, this team could put up double digits on any given night. And yes, I’m talking about both runs and strikeouts. Throw in Didi Gregorius who just came back and this team is suddenly scarier than they were before.

Soccer made news this week. I’ll be up front and say I never watch it, nor do I know much about it. I am, however, aware that our men’s team embarrassed themselves. We need to be better in that aspect. Meanwhile, the women’s team trounced Thailand 13-0. As one of my followers, @OhNoCoop said; “I haven’t seen Thai girls scored on this easily since Robert Kraft”. Yes, you should follow him. Unless you’re easily offended, of course.

This brings us to my Reds. The 2019 Cincinnati Reds are suddenly looking like the 2018 Reds. And the 2017 Reds. And the……..ok, you get it. David Bell is in over his head. As I mentioned in a blog the day he was hired, I’m not sure handing the reins over to a guy that never saw success in the minors is exactly a stellar decision at this level. Scooter Gennett is not going to be the savior that a lot of Reds fans are anticipating. He’s going to be a solid 2B, that’s it. Rasiel Iglesias, their closer, has 6 losses. That hurts. Move him for prospects and give the closer role to Amir Garrett. He has an ERA of 1.50 and should be headed to the All-Star Game. The team needs fixed. Now.

Back to soccer for just a second, albeit in a somewhat off the field kind of way; Megan Rapinoe should be kicked off the team for her ‘look at me’ stunt. You don’t take a knee during the National Anthem when you’re representing the country for which the song is written. Anyone with balls, from coaches to corporate America, won’t even look her way in the future. She’s dead to me; she should be dead to you as well.

I think that wraps it up. NBA draft coming up, should be fun to watch drama unfold there. The coming months will be interesting to see how the Lakers add pieces to their team. Hello Jimmy Butler? Until next time, bet wisely.

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