‘Governor’ Just Sounds Silly

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has stated that NBA team owners are now to be called team governors. Why the change? Because like everything else in 2019, the term ‘owner’ has been deemed racially insensitive. I’m not making this up. According to some NBA players, it brings up thoughts of slavery. Again, I’m not making this up. As if this league and its declining viewership needed any more middle school girl drama.

So what would happen if someone slipped up and called them owners going forward? Would they be blacklisted? Oh wait, can we still use that word? This is one of the most ridiculous attempts at placation that I’ve ever seen. They are owners; that’s all. They own the team, hence the term owner. I own a 2018 Toyota RAV4. I’m a RAV4 owner. Do you see how that works? The depths to which this country has collectively sunk is astounding. We’re a country who, in the 18th century, fought to free ourselves from British control. And now, here we are in the early 21st century, being hurt by words. It’s embarrassing.

What does this accomplish? The NBA is already full of drama queens who get into spats with other players on social media. So now the powers that be bow down every time one of them gets their butthole in a knot? It has to stop at some point. As ratings continue to decline, the NBA needs to develop a plan to gain some viewers back. This isn’t it. All this does is assure the ones who left aren’t coming back. I have yet to meet anyone in real life, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, that finds the word owner to be offensive. I also happen to think I have some fairly intelligent friends. This whole issue makes it seem like we’re being Punk’d.

The softening of America has been slowly getting worse over the last few years. I’m not going to be the old guy who says ‘these kids today couldn’t handle growing up in my time’, primarily because I don’t feel I have to. If you don’t see that, well, that’s on you. I’ll continue being who I am. That’s a win every time in my book.

This entire owner/governor fiasco makes the anti-Redskins posse look strong. That, my friends, speaks volumes. How we became a country that gets so offended by words will forever be beyond me. There is nothing you could could say to me that could offend me. Nothing at all. I know who I am; what I am. No one’s words will ever change that. If we allow this pettiness to go on, it will only get worse. So buckle up, toughen up, and take a stand for intelligence. And, dare I say it, OWN it.

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