Kawhi, ASG, A Mermaid, and More….

The last couple weeks have given us stories and drama, both on and off the field/court. As the US Women keep looking to win, free agency in the NBA and NHL have seen some big signings and trades. Baseball is about to hit its’ official halfway point after today, although not the mathematical halfway point. You can blame my OCD for that one. And a mermaid caused a stir in the very obviously intellectually challenged faction of America.

Kawhi shocked a lot of people, including LeBron, by signing with the Clippers this week. He brought along PG with him, making the Clippers a viable threat to the rest of the league. 4 years, $141M (if I remember correctly) is a little more than I make. I should have practiced my layups a little more, in retrospect. I did, however, offer my services to the Knicks. They landed almost no one and became the laughing stock of the NBA. Apparently they weren’t interested in a 5’9 shooting guard past his prime. Who knew?

The MLB All-Star Game is set to go this Tuesday evening. As I’ve mentioned in the past, these games provide exactly zero interest for me, regardless of the sport. The last one I watched was the 1994 MLB ASG. My boys were born that morning, what else was I going to do at the hospital with 2 kids that were a mere 12 hours old? For the record, Moises Alou had the game winning RBI. The HR Derby generates more interest than the game itself, at least from what I have seen. I do like the format change in recent years, so that’s something. I’ll pay attention this year because I entered the contest to win $250K. Or, as Kawhi calls it, pocket change.

A boatload of butthurt, shallow minded humans took offense to a mermaid whose ethnicity has been changed for an upcoming show/movie, or whatever. I’m not really sure which one it is. Regardless, I need everyone to really think about this. They are offended. Over a mythical being. The ethnicity of a mythical being. Go ahead and laugh; I’ll respect you if you do. We have collectively scraped the bottom of the dumbass barrel and then kept digging to see how dumb we can actually get. It’s a mermaid. And can we, for the love of all that is holy, stop worrying about what color anyone is? The makers of this show/movie should make her a lesbian too, just to get these folks really fired up. And then have them adopt. And protect their shell hut with guns. I should be a screenwriter.

We’ve had our share of sad news this week as well. The sports world lost Jared Lorenzen and Tyler Skaggs. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that athletes are just like us. They’re human; they’re mortal. It becomes a reality check when we lose them. On the personal side, away from the tv cameras, 2 of my best friends lost a parent this week. Hug your loved ones, guys. Spend time with the people that matter to you. Always. That’s a gift that will continue to give long after they’re gone.

So, back to more cheerful topics; let’s enjoy the baseball today before our little mid-season (not technically) break. The trade deadline looms ahead. Who sells? Who buys? Stay tuned. Now, go call your mom/dad.


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