Why Cincinnati Will Miss Yasiel Puig

Tuesday night, Yasiel Puig was dealt to the Cleveland Indians before the trade deadline in a 3 team deal. The Reds got Trevor Bauer in return to bolster their pitching staff. It was a deal that most Reds fans saw coming. Puig, in the last year of his contract, was bound to be traded if the Reds weren’t going to sign him long term. It’s part of the game; part of the business. In barely 100 games, Yasiel Puig became a fan favorite. He brought energy to the team and to the entire city of Cincinnati.

The iconic photo of him taking on the entire Pittsburgh Pirates team in an early season brawl will be something that Reds fans will remember for the rest of their lives. That pic is on shirts, canvas, you name it; Reds fans love it. The city truly fell in love with this guy. When he was scheduled for an autograph signing at Sports Gallery, it sold out pretty quickly. He spent time with the kids, greeted each and every fan, and gave each one of them his attention. A true class act. And for the record, if you live in Cincinnati and haven’t been to Sports Gallery; get there. If you visit Cincinnati, it’s a place you want to see. Easily the #1 Reds memorabilia/collectible store in the area. Great store, great staff.

Yasiel Puig will be a free agent at the end of this season. Reds fans, of course, want to see him back in Cincinnati. Where he goes is anyone’s guess though. A strong finish could prompt Cleveland to sign him to a multi year contract. There’s always the possibility that he could test the free agent waters as well. But yeah, I would love to see him return. Ever since he came into the league, he’s been a favorite of mine. The Reds have some really good young OFs though, so I’m not so sure that happens. Actually, I’m highly doubtful that it would. Regardless, Puig has a lot of fans here no matter where he plays. He left his mark on this city and these people will love him through thick and thin.

In perfect Puig fashion, after he was removed from the game because of the trade, he jumped into another melee against the Pirates later in that game. Think about that; he left the bench to fight for a team he was no longer a part of. God bless this man. Indians fans probably weren’t too happy that he will more than likely start his Indians tenure with a suspension. Trust me, Cleveland, he’s worth it. He’s worth every penny you pay him and you guys will love him.

I’m so glad I got to see him play here, albeit for a short time. I’ll always be a fan of Yasiel Puig. He exemplifies everything I want an athlete to be. He gives 100% balls out effort, he gives you passion, he has fun. Most importantly; he gives back. Both to the community and to the fans. Thank you, Yasiel Puig. For everything.



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