If We Politicize Murder, We All Lose

I’m going to step away from sports today. As much as we love talking about the games we like to watch, the world of sports isn’t the be all end all. The world around us, obviously, takes precedence. Life takes precedence. With 3 mass murders taking place last week, I felt I had to say something. I’ll preface all of this by saying that I don’t have the answer. Neither do you. With that said, finger pointing and playing the blame game does exactly no one any good. You might not agree with everything I say here, and that’s fine. But anger won’t fix that, name calling won’t rectify the underlying issue. Discussing it, calmly and sensibly, seems to me to be the best path to take.

Way too many people lost their lives last week because some sick, psychotic jerk decided to exact revenge on the world around him to compensate for his own deficiencies. Or maybe he just had hate inside him. Hell, there could be any number of reasons that these people made the choices they made. The bottom line is that lives were lost, while other lives were adversely affected forever. Social media became a circus of asinine babbling and accusations. The empty and vapid ‘thoughts and prayers’ train was barreling through our respective timelines, ad nauseam, until we simply couldn’t take it. None of these approaches were proactive in the least.

The left was blaming the right, the right was blaming the left. That disgusted me to the core. Murder isn’t political. It’s not this congressman’s fault, nor that governor’s fault. It’s not our president’s fault either. The fault lies with the person who committed the murder. And yes, there are many collateral issues that stem from this too, so hold on. We have a lot of issues in this country, that much is obvious. However, if you’re politicizing murders, you have essentially become complicit to the insanity. Just stop.

Is there a race issue in America? Yes there is. It’s an issue that has been present, in many forms, for a long time. Longer than any of us have been alive. The problem we see now, the reason it’s at the forefront, is because the extremists, both left and right, have exacerbated it to the point of violence. Violence is never the answer; hatred should never be an option. We have somehow collectively moved away from that line of thinking. To put racism in truer light, think about this; the percentage of your physiognomy that dictates whether you’re left-handed or right-handed is greater than the percentage that dictates the color of your skin. Using that logic, it’s “smarter” to hate someone for being left-handed than it is to hate them because of their ethnicity. Do you see how astronomically stupid that is? I sure hope so.

So how are these young guys getting hold of weapons that can kill so many people in such a short time? This, along with mental health, is the biggest issue pertaining to this epidemic. I support everyone’s right to own a gun. I see no reason that anyone could possibly need an assault weapon though. This is where I feel the government needs to step in. These simply should not be available to the public. Ever. I’m ready to go so far as to say that you should be imprisoned if you are ever found with one in your possession. For the folks who cry for the all out banning of guns; that won’t work. Unless you can come up with a way to make all guns just magically disappear, never to be invented again, then just stop. This goes back to us discussing these issues calmly and sensibly. Let’s come up with real solutions. Let’s stop pointing fingers. Let’s stop hating. Let’s unite, regardless if we agree or disagree. Let’s remember that we are the best damned country on this planet. Now, let’s start acting like it.

And now, back to sports……………

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