Rookies’ Bombs, Antonio’s Feet, and the Return of Football

Quite the busy weekend we’ve had in sports. From bizarre news to young stars breaking out, it’s been pretty interesting. While the Major League Baseball postseason is starting to take shape, preseason football is underway. Guys we’ll never hear from again are leading NFL teams to meaningless wins over 3rd string defenses………man, I love this time of year.

Let’s start on the baseball diamond with a couple rookies who put on a power display last night. Aristides Aquino, of the Cincinnati Reds, hit a home run in 3 consecutive innings. This gave him 7 HRs in his first 10 games, which ties the MLB record set by Trevor Story a few years ago. I saw this guy play at the AA level last year when I was on vacation in Pensacola. He was with the Blue Wahoos and I was very impressed with him. A year later and he’s turning heads at this level; that’s incredible. Yordan Alvarez, of the Houston Astros, had a 3 HR game as well. He also had 7 RBI, giving him 50 RBI in 45 games. This is a new MLB record. Both of these guys, along with Acuna, Alonso, and several others, are ensuring that Major League Baseball is in good hands going forward.

Antonio Brown, as you may have heard, has been in the news. First he gets frostbite on his feet, due to an error in cryotherapy (I can’t make this up), and then he had an issue with the helmets that the NFL is mandating players wear. Antonio wants his old helmet, safety be damned. Seriously, AB, this is for your own good. He has stated that he will quit football all together if he doesn’t get his way. It seems to everyone now that Vontaze Burfict got the better of that on-field collision. Stayed tuned on this, yet another, WR drama as it unfolds. Meanwhile, Steelers fans rejoice.

We are 13 days away from the first college football games of the season. August 24th is marked on a lot of sports fan’s calendars, mine included. We get 2 games that day, which makes my heart smile as I type this. The Miami Hurricanes will face the Florida Gators in Orlando to kick off the college football season. Later that evening, the Arizona Wildcats head to Hawaii to take on the Rainbow Warriors. Expect a high scoring game here, as neither team has figured out how to stop opposing teams the last few years……….or ever. Jinx prediction………….7-6. Or 54-48, ride or fade. I’ll be in Tennessee for my annual week of hiking in the Appalachians. Rest assured, I’ll find a pub or sports bar to watch these games. 3 Jimmy’s is right next to my resort, nestled comfortably in the foothills of the Smokies.

Fantasy football is revving up too. We have our cheat sheets ready, most of us have done mock drafts, and every single one of us is sure that this is our year. Bragging rights are within our collective grasps. Mahomes, Barkley, Hopkins, Adams, Rodgers, Brady, Zeke, Gordon…………..who are you taking first? How high do Kelce and Ertz get drafted? So many questions will be answered over the next few weeks. I run quite a few leagues as well. Feel free to hit me up if interested. NCAA fantasy, NFL fantasy, pick ’em leagues, a parlay league, and a Money Dawg league where you pick upsets each week and get the Vegas moneyline amount in your ‘bank’. We always welcome new players. Come one, come all.

So get ready, get your honey-do lists cleaned up, and prepare to sit in that recliner every weekend for the next 20 weeks or so. Also, gamble responsibly. Having said that, I’ll take tails on the coin flip for the Miami/Florida game for $20. Who’s got me?


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