Luckless in Indianapolis

The retirement that shook the sporting world happened last night when Andrew Luck suddenly announced his retirement from the National Football League. At 29 years of age, Luck decided enough was enough. The injuries and rehab stints had worn his body down, so he decided to step away. Twitter ran the gamut of emotions from fans, fantasy owners, players, and former players. In the end, this was Andrew’s decision.

The announcement hit the news and social media in the middle of the Colts game last night. Obviously, like everything else these days, news traveled extremely fast. When the Colts were leaving the field, Andrew Luck got booed by quite a few Colts fans. Now, I understand the initial reaction, I understand the shock and maybe even a little anger with this happening so close to Week 1. I don’t think booing him was the smart thing to do. He came to Indianapolis to fill the shoes of a legend; one of the greatest to ever play the game. And he did so quite admirably.

The fact that players and former players took his side on his decision speaks volumes in and of itself. They get it, they have played the game. I highly doubt that Andrew Luck is concerned with the opinions of a factory worker sitting on his couch, drinking a beer, eating flaming hot Cheetos, while criticizing his lack of heart. That same guy would likely call in  to work with a headache after a weekend bender, much less sustaining injuries that could adversely affect his life down the road. Andrew Luck owes none of us anything. He doesn’t care that you drafted him 3 hours before this announcement.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Luck play in his short time in the NFL. He will go down as one of the greatest ‘what ifs’ in the history of sports. He’ll be mentioned in the same conversations as Bo Jackson, Tony Conigliaro, and several others. We should be thankful that we got to see these guys play at all, even if the career was shortened. Regardless, it’s still a tough pill to swallow for Colts fans this morning. Jacoby Brissett is a very talented QB, so give him a chance. And before you say that he won’t take you to the Super Bowl, no one thought Kurt Warner would either. He was cut by a few teams until he was thrown into the starting role for the Rams, all due to an injury to Trent Green. Lighten up, enjoy the game.

A lot of blame has already been placed upon the Colts front office for not protecting Luck via the draft. They have all but ignored the offensive line, leaving Luck vulnerable to taking a pounding year in and year out. Is that a fair judgement? It’s not for me to say. However, I’ve often wondered over the last few years why they didn’t address that obvious flaw in their team. But I’m just a guy with a blog who is not entirely opposed to sitting on his couch drinking beer and eating flaming hot Cheetos.

In happier news, college football started yesterday. It was glorious, oh so glorious. Both games were great to watch. I love that Florida and Miami started the season by playing each other. I’m not a fan of cake schedules to start the season. I understand it, just not a fan. This was a ballsy move by both schools and I hope to see more of it in the future. The NFL season is 2 weeks away. Let’s keep the positives at the forefront and keep in mind that things quite often happen that are beyond our control. I wish nothing but the best for Andrew Luck. I hope Colts fans come to their senses and appreciate what he gave us rather than judge him for his decision.

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