NCAAF Week 1 is in the Books…….Almost

Ok, so we still have 2 games left. One today and one tomorrow. For the most part though, Week 1 is done. And did it ever give us some excitement and surprises. New coaches, new QBs, new outlooks; Week 1 had it all. The top teams did what top teams do; they won convincingly. Other teams, not so much. I’m going to run through some games that stood out to me. I’ll bounce around a bit because, well, I’m at work. But stay with me and enjoy the review.

We’ll start with the top teams and how they fared. Bama rolled, Clemson rolled, Ohio State rolled, Georgia rolled, LSU rolled. Do you sense a theme here? Justin Fields introduced himself to Columbus with a 5 TD day. I think he’ll fit in just fine up there. LSU’s Joe Burrows had 5 TDs of his own. LSU with a valid passing game should scare the bejeezus out of the rest of the SEC. They haven’t had that since………..JaMarcus Russell. See? They’re starved for it in the bayou.

Wisconsin, behind Jonathan Taylor’s epic day, won easily as well. 183 total yards and 4 TDs placed him at the head of the field very early in the season in regards to postseason awards. Michigan looked sloppy en route to a 40-21 win over Middle Tennessee. I’m still not sold on Harbaugh, Patterson, or the entire program yet. It’s year 5 of the Harbaugh era, time to, you know, or get off the pot. Washington manhandled Eastern Washington behind transfer QB Jacob Eason’s 349 yards and 4 TDs.

We had some exciting games yesterday as well. Auburn’s Bo Nix found Seth Williams in the end zone with 9 seconds left to shock Oregon 27-21. Florida State was rolling right along in the first half. I had even tweeted out that they looked like a cohesive unit for the first time in a few years. Unfortunately, football games are comprised of 2 halves. Boise came out, made adjustments, and took it to the Seminoles in the 2nd half, winning by a score of 36-31. Nevada beat Purdue on a last second 56 yard FG by freshman walk-on kicker Brandon Talton. Afterwards he was given the game ball and a scholarship. Go find that video, but grab tissues first.

Boston College showed that they are for real. They have emerged over the last 2 seasons, but removed all doubt yesterday when they beat Virginia Tech 35-28. Oklahoma State, behind Chuba Hubbard’s 221 yards and 3 TDs, beat Oregon State 52-36. The Pokes need to find some semblance of defense at some point though. You can’t keep hoping to get the ball last in order to secure victory.

The mighty SEC took a few hits yesterday. I’m not an SEC basher, I’m just putting truths out there. The Gamecocks, an 11 point favorite, lost to North Carolina 24-20. Missouri, in Kelly Bryant’s debut, lost to Wyoming (not kidding) 37-31. That brings us to Tennessee. Wow. I spent all last week in Tennessee on vacation. My yearly hiking trip is one I look forward to each year down there. Beautiful state, and boy do they love their Vols. A home opener against Georgia State seemed like a recipe for success, a great way to start the season. On paper. On the field, not so much. Despite a late surge, the Vols fell 38-30. Ouch, that one will be felt for some time.

Oh yeah, and St Francis’ punter got murdered on the field. Clean hit, but murdered. If you’re a true football fan, you loved that hit. I mean, pray for the dude, but holy hell, that was a beautiful hit. It reminded me of Clowney’s hit against Michigan in the bowl game a few years ago. But more brutal. I still cringe watching it. Yeah, it was that glorious.

2 games left to wrap the week up, so let’s hope they’re good ones as well. Then we’ll start preparing for Week 2 while looking forward to NFL Week 1. Isn’t his the best time of the year? Enjoy the games, gamble responsibly.

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